June 18, 2006

Cousin Died - Great guy

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My brother, Roger, call today, Sunday on Father's Day, to tell me that our cousin, Charley, had died.

Didn't get to see him much lately living across the country from each other. Just weddings and funerals, as they say.

He was probably one of the first people that we played with. He was like our big brother when we were small kids, living around the block from us with his Mother, my Aunt Kate whom we dearly loved, and his Father, Uncle Fred, and his brother, Patrick (Pat). Sunday dinners and most holidays were celebrated upstairs at my Grandmother's house. He was older then we were by about 12 years. His brother Patrick was just a tad older than we were by a couple of years.

Odd, thought about him the other day, a couple of days before Father's day. Kind of prophetic that I was told of his death on Father's day..

A couple of years ago, I had a dream one Sunday morning, where Charley told me to go and visit my Father, Jim Locicero. Called Dad that day and asked him how he felt. He replied, "Not so good, Ant" (Mom and Dad called me Ant, named by my brothers at a young age and short for Anthony). Now, Dad would NEVER say he didn't feel good unless hit by a truck! He had walking pneumonia for 6 months when I was a kid and never said a word. Didn't get treated until they caught it during an required annual work physical. THEY sent him directly to the hospital for treatment. So the guy had to be feeling pretty bad for him to admit to not feeling good.

I made plans to go visit in a couple of weeks. Sadly, dad died just a week later, again on Sunday Morning at about 3:00am.

So it WAS kind of prophetic that Charley died and I heard about it on Father's day. Was looking forward to saying hello to him at the next wedding or funeral as the case might have been. Guess that wasn't to be....

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