September 18, 2003

The inventor of the mouse

The mouse that roared | CNET

Article about the invention of the computer mouse

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Bill Gates demo - using opera on a Linux PDA!!

Gates, Mills Talk Up Web Services in NY

Bill Gates and IBM were demonstrating a new web technology but in the backgrounhd, it was running on a linux server and Bill used a Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA to run it!! For once, Bill got to use a reliable machine!!

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September 15, 2003

China - wondering what happened to YOUR job?

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Interesting story about how China, using predatory trade practices, is wiping out some of our industries; in this case, crawfish farmers in Louisiana.

Free trade is great but we don't have it. Soon, we will have achieved a wonderful unity with the rest of the world and will share their standard of living. Hope you LOVE rice...............

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