July 25, 2003

Great wide format printer!!

Amazon.com: Early Adopters: Canon i9100 Photo Printer

I'm an HP fan but this one has them beat!!

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July 24, 2003

Inventor of the Enterprise dies

To Boldly Go ... Matt Jeffries: 1921 - 2003

Matt Jefferies, the inventor of the Star Trek's Enterprise died. References to Jeffries' contribution continues in almost every episode and movie as the engineering tunnels that run inside each starship are called "Jeffries Tubes" by the characters.

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July 17, 2003

Court upholds N.Y. MTA transit fare increase

Metro Magazine (News)

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Metro Magazine

Metro Magazine (Home)

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Applied LNG Technologies Newsletter


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July 11, 2003

Africa - What a mess!

Wars Without End

That continent is unbelievably messed up. Great article...

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July 09, 2003

Women ovulate more than once a month??!!

Yahoo! News - Women May Ovulate More Than Once a Month, Study Says

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Medical?? Quacks??!!

The next two articles are contradictory findings by the medical profession about the effects of nicotine on memory. The medical field is full of these types of contradictions. I have absolutely no doubt that they just have no idea!! On the same day, they JUST discovered that women ovulate multiple times during the month. Well, duh!! How long have they been studying this?? Centuries?? Just now getting it right??

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Memory and smoking - what the hey!!

First Coast News | Article

Smoking is detrimental to memory??

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Nicotine prevents Alzheimers!!

Betterhumans > News > Nicotine Byproduct Prevents Alzheimer's Plaque Formation

Smoking is good for the memory??

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July 08, 2003

Belize - Maruba Hotel

Maruba Resort Jungle Spa

Neat hotel in the jungles of Belize not far from our land.

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July 07, 2003

International Towing & Recovery Museum & Hall of Fame

International Towing & Recovery Museum & Hall of Fame

Come walk among early towing and recovery history in the International Towing & Recovery Hall Of Fame and Museum. Enjoy restored antique wreckers and equipment, industry related displays of collectible toys, tools, unique equipment, and pictorial histories of manufacturers who pioneered a worldwide industry.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, was chosen as the museum's home because the indusry's first wrecker was fabricated one block away from the museum at the Ernest Holmes Company.

Automotive and history buffs alike will enjoy a tour of the nostalgic museum, located in historic downtown. The everchanging collection of tow trucks dates from the earliest days of the automobile. The museum has a variety of antique toys and memorabilia to entertain all members of your family.

If you're lucky, Museum Manager Frank Thomas will give you a personalized tour through the exhibits sharing stories from the early days of towing and recovery.

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World's Longest Yard Sale!!

World's Longest Yard Sale/Garage Sale  and Antique Alley Yard Sale 888-805-4740

World's Longest Yard Sale
Date: August 2-10, 2003

You still have time to plan your trip!!

Travel more than 450-miles of scenic beauty and see tons of yard sales. Get started on your journey by traveling the 93- mile Lookout Mountain Parkway route from Gadsden, Alabama to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the most "scenic rural America" in the United States. With more than 1,000 yard sale vendors you will find everything from antiques, collectibles, furniture, dishwares, fresh garden produce, homemade jams and jellies, food vendors, live entertainment and so much more. Continue with the yard sale, following the U.S. 127 Corridor from Chattanooga, TN to Covington, KY for more than 350 miles of yard sale bargains. When combined, the Lookout Mountain Parkway and the 127 Corridor have had as many as 5,000 vendors lined along the 450-mile scenic yard sale route in past years and the year 2003 promises to be even bigger.

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My weblog choice


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July 06, 2003

Writer's Digest pick for Best Self-Published On-Line Book


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Welcome to the Blog!!

Welcome to our new Blog. We just added Movabletype to the system and are moving our old Blog here. Feel free to enter and reply. Again, Welcome.

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